Go solar! Save on your electricity bills.

Join the fight against climate change.

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Why Solar

Investing in solar rooftop systems for your home/office is quite simply the best use of your money. Reducing dependence on carbon based energy is a bonus for the environment.


Changing Climate

Coal based electricity is the leading causes of climate change and increasing temperature


Poor air quality

Non-renewables are destroying the air quality in our cities, making them unliveable


90%+ savings

Installing solar can help you reduce your electricity bill by more than 90%


20 % ROI

Recover your investment in less than 5 years. There is no better way to invest your money today


25 years

With solar panels lasting 25 years, the sun keeps working for you long after you go solar

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Satisfied customers

2+ crores

Bill Savings

1650+ kW

Installed capacity

10 crores

Total Project Value

Customer case study

Using your roof space? Don't worry!

Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh
Every house in India has a unique terrace, with different customers using them differently. While some customers rarely visit their terrace, for others, it is a place integral to their way of life. Consequently, if working with inexperienced solar developers, the 100 sqft area per Kw required for a solar installation can be a deal breaker for many because it can drastically reduce the free roof area...

Our promise

Guaranteed peace of mind with Earth47.


World class technology

We only use the highest quality, world renowned components


Custom design

Our team studies your premises and designs a system according to your requirements


No hidden costs

With us as your partners, what you see is what you pay

Priority Service

Our team is always available to resolve any problem you might face

Guaranteed performance

We provide you a 5 year warranty for the whole system. You can count on us

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Awasthi Residence - 10 kWp

Noble hospital - 15 kWp

Royal Green City - 55 kW