On-grid SPV system


Earth 47 will install solar panels on your roof which convert sunlight into electricity that can be used to power your home. The electricity passes through a solar inverter to be made ready for your use by converting it from DC to AC.

If the panels produce more electricity than is needed by you at any moment, then this excess energy is 'exported' to the grid through a special meter called 'net meter', which will replace your existing meter. The meter keeps a record of how many units you export. Think of it like depositing the electricity in a bank.

Suppose some day your requirements are more than the electricity generated. In this case, the 'net meter' pulls electricity from the grid to meet your requirements and records it as 'import'. This is deducted from the balance of your exported units.

At the end of the month, you get a bill for the net units used by you=export-import.

We design the system in a manner such that export equals import. This ensures that your electricity bill is reduced massively.

This system does not have a battery back-up, but uses the grid for storing excess energy. This means that the system does not work in the case of a power cut. In case you are looking for a system with back-up please refer to our off-grid or hybrid system pages.

On-grid systems are primarily available in three options - String inverters, Micro-inverters and Optimizers

String inverter


Micro inverter


Optimizer system


Off-grid SPV system

In areas where the grid reliability is poor, one can choose to install a completely independent off-grid system.

In these systems, the current from the panels is used to charge batteries which are then used to power your home after passing the current through an inverter.

Hybrid SPV system

Hybrid systems combine the best of both on-grid and off-grid systems.

When the power supply is available, this system works like an on-grid system allowing you export surplus electricity to the grid and reducing your electricity bill.

When the grid is down, this system works like an off-grid system, providing you back-up power through batteries.

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